What your gym weaponry says about you

As an extension of style and individuality, your gym attire and gym weaponry says a lot about who you are as a person. More so than just clothes, your gym accessories say things about your personality and are almost a new form of body language for those who are aware of such things.
For instance, who hasn’t wanted to approach a hot girl on the stepper, only to discover that she’s engaged in “go-away” behaviour by wearing the ubiquitous white headphones. And how about the guy or gal who’s writing their every rep and set in a training journal – depending on your own personality, you may perceive this as goal-focussed and diligent, or you might just think it’s a sign of neurosis and think an experience trainer would be feeling their way and not just trying to up the numbers. Given that most regular male trainers wear a weightlifting belt, a belt can define you as a committed trainer, whilst a lever powerlifting belt puts you down as a competitor and therefore a competitive personality. Knee, wrist or elbow wraps have you marked as a very serious trainer who’s about to shift some serious weight, and should be reserved for times when you want attention because of their obsequious presence. As for what sweatbands say about you, the jury’s still out on that one.


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