The Top 5 Gym Accessories for Ladies

It seems that the ladies are back – in the gym, that is. After a lull in popularity in the late 90’s and early noughties, it appears that women have beaten the prevailing misconception that they’ll look like Arnold Schwarzenegger after two workouts. Body sculpting is back on the agenda after sexy women like Gillian Michaels show us how it’s done.

Lucky for those bike-sitting, people-watchers in the gym, the return of female bodybuilding also means the re-entry of fashion into the bodybuilding and fitness arena. Sports accessory prices take a hike sky-high, as designers and fashion houses scramble to cater for the fashion-forward fitness girls.

To make it easy for those wanting to jump on the fitness trend treadmill we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 sports accessories in this season’s must have color, pink. Here it is; the ultimate gym-girls guide to working it, whilst working out!


1: Pink Ipod Shuffle, Come on, you’ve already heard all about it. Try loading it with 80’s classics for feel-good fitness. ‘She works hard for the money…’ Check it out at

2: Everlast boxing mitts in pink, If you have a personal trainer, you’ll probably already be boxing your way to fabulousness. If not, get punching. Now you can have the eye of the tiger and still look hot! Check it out at

3: Katana Laguna Weightlifting belt, weightlifting belts aren’t just for meat-heads, they’re for anyone who wants to care for their back, and a pink snake-print belt is a stylish way to get the job done. Besides, a wide belt is the ultimate waist-slimmer! Check it out at

4: Puma Complete Cortlandt XC Road, What better way to add sass to a simple outfit than with a few splashes of pink. Lightweight puma shoes are great for fast fashion on the go. Check it out at

5:Lululemon pink lux gym bag, Gotta put all that hot gear in a suitably stylish gym bag. Next time you hit the stationary bike, look for the lululemon symbol, it’s a dead give-away that you are in the company of others in the fashion know. Check it out at -end-


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