The unfair-legal sporting advantage!

Elite athletes achieve their status by taking risks in sports, calculated risks that is, as close to the edge as is possible to gain extra strength, speed and endurance.
But this kind of training is useless if u get injured. The pro has an extensive warm up and preparation routine he or she goes through weither it be a match or a training session.
An amateur walks in of the street and plonks themselves down on a bench press and starts repping.
This is asking for trouble.
So, take your time, warm up gradually, have supportive equipment handy, straps,weightlifting belt, gloves ect and of course spotters and your ready to go.
Supportive equipment may seem liking cheating, but it should be looked at like training wheels on a bicycle. Slowly letting your body know you want greater performance enhancing gains from your workouts.
Training equipment adds support to failing and tiring muscles, helping to keep the weak links as strong as possible.
Typically the rule of thumb in regards to supportive equipment is to do all your warm ups and lighter sets without the gear and then at about 80% or so start adding knee wraps or start putting your belt on.
Many athletes from many different types of sports encounter plateaus in their training but attempt to make continued progress without changing intensity in any way. As they say, if you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got, or something like that.
Bodybuilders and powerlifters know this better than any athlete, so heed their advice and prepare gradually before you go to war.


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