How Do You Increase Your Vertical Jump?

How Do You Increase Your Vertical Jump?
By []Alex Mc

How do you increase your vertical jump? So many basketball and volleyball players are always wondering this. The truth is, there isn’t an incredible secret you need to know to increase your vertical jump, and once you know the types of exercises you need to do, you should start jumping higher in no time. There are specific exercises that work on helping athletes jump higher: weightlifting, plyometrics, and playing your sport.


If you want to jump higher, you’re going to need stronger muscles. This doesn’t mean just your legs either. To have a nice vertical jump, athletes have to have strong abs, arms and legs, so you have to have the total package to be able to dunk. One of the best ways to help your whole body when you lift weights is to do olympic weightlifting. This type of weightlifting focuses on explosive, quick movements from your muscles, which is exactly what you need when you jump.


Another very important exercise to help you increase your vertical jump is plyometrics. An example of a plyometrics exercise is jumping up onto a bench, landing on your toes, then jumping back down as fast as possible. They were developed specifically to help athletes of all kinds develop their explosive muscles. Some athletes argue that all you need are plyometric exercises to jump higher, but if you want maximum results when you workout to improve your vertical jump, you need plyometrics and weightlifting.

Playing your sport

This is an obvious one, but it’s still important. Sports like basketball are like a natural plyometrics workout, and if you play daily or are on a team, you should see automatic gains to your vertical jump the more you play. Because you’re not completely focusing just on your jumping muscles when you play basketball, you won’t gain 10 inches just from playing, but you could gain a couple inches.

Alex plays basketball 24/7, and is constantly trying to improve his vertical jump. For a comparison of the top vertical jump programs that will help you dunk, go here:

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